In 2013, when Vikram Nalagampalli, came back to India from the United States, he brought with him a strong corporate IT background honed by the best business schools in the country. Wasting no time, Vikram decide to test his tools with a start-up of his own. And that’s where our story begins. Upstart coworking space

The year 2014 saw our protagonist chin-deep in the duties and challenges that come with organizing a start-up. Though the sweat and dedication didn’t bear fruit at the time, they did leave behind some valuable lessons. We all learn these lessons everyday of our lives; however, it’s what we do with these pearls that truly matter. Not discouraged, Vikram got back on his feet, brushed off the dust, and re-entered the arena with renewed vigor.

Where most would resign themselves to waving the white flag, he saw a potential commercial strategy.

Taking note of all the challenges he faced while establishing his own start-up, Vikram conceived of a brilliant idea; he called this idea UpStart coworking space—a spacious, well-equipped co-working space.

When UpStart started up

To get to where it is now, UpStart had to maneuver and break through several barriers. These barriers were raised by factors like location, space, and affordability of infrastructure.

Overcoming these impediments, it went live in December 2016. UpStart set up shop in the IT suburb, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Whitefield is a thriving commercial hub that is home to numerous multinational IT companies. It has a dense transportation network with tech parks, residential areas, and recreational spots a stone’s throw away from each other.

Whitefield constitutes an enticing locale for working professionals and provides an environment that is conducive to commercial growth. It was just perfect!

The pasture was green and available. It was now time to deck the halls.

Upping the standards

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the UpStart office in Whitefield spans 7000 square feet.

This spacious expanse is comprised of sophisticated, fully furnished office areas, two state-of-the-art conference rooms, classy work and play areas, a lush terrace garden, and a chic cafeteria.

It has also been provided with an array of smart amenities that are designed to enhance productivity by promoting optimum comfort and streamlined operation. The competitive office space is supplied with laser printers, copiers, scanners, paper, and other office stationery. The conference rooms are equipped with projectors, speakers, and microphones. The office also proffers a postal address for long-term residents. From offering high-speed Internet to furnishing its offices with ergonomic desks and chairs, UpStart has left no stone unturned when it comes to delivering quality services.

When unforeseen circumstances hit, UpStart extends Plan B. Delaying work on account of an outage is a thing of the past with power backup at the ready. A software and hardware consultancy is poised to assist with any technical glitches. When clients’ employees hit a blank, a shot of caffeine, soothing water bodies, and verdant scenery are on standby to revive them and rekindle that creative spark.

The office is littered with several plush leather sofas for those bored of the desk-chair routine. And when it’s time to refuel the engines, employees may indulge in an exciting game of pool or foosball with their colleagues or walk to the fully furnished kitchen for a snack.

These services are available 24×7 to offer the growing clientele maximum flexibility.

UpStart has transformed into a well-equipped and impeccably designed co-working space armed with cutting-edge amenities and end-to-end services. The stage is set.

Up, up, and away!

Today, the UpStart corridors remain alive with the buzzing of creative minds at work while the cafeteria has a lingering aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air. Vikram’s brainchild has moved from walking to running full tilt in a matter of months.

The only way to go from here is up, and UpStart intends to do just that.

UpStart has been polishing its services to add more value to its offering. These efforts include the organization of networking and social events like elegant cocktail parties.

The frequency and regularity of these events are scheduled to increase with one being organized every month.

UpStart plans to raise the bar with consolidated business services that will tackle everything from company incorporation to development and maintenance. 

The expansion plans entail the addition of two more offices in Bengaluru. This execution is chalked for the end of 2017. UpStart envisions the establishment of ten offices spread across strategic destinations in South India for the end of 2018.

The office spaces of UpStart have witnessed an observable success rate and favorable critique from its clients. Nayna Choudha, co-founder of Altro Smart Technologies and UpStart’s first client, has immensely enjoyed this co-working space and all the services it offers. She says, “Our team has absolutely loved being a part of UpStart! Joining Upstart instantly gave us access to a professional shared space and meeting rooms. I love the location, the amazingly proactive staff, and constantly improving mix of value-added services that let me focus on growing my business and not waste time on the multitude of supporting functions. Offering community events, coffee station, and 24/7 access makes Upstart the ideal co-working space.

Upstart coworking space

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